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  • → Index with pagination along with particulars of Bar Association Membership, Bar Council Membership and Advocates’ Welfare Fund Trustee Committee Membership shall be prepared for each file.
  • → Application should be addressed to the Chairperson, Advocates Welfare Fund Trustee Committee, and duly signed by the applicant or any of his immediate family members (in the event of Advocate’s death or incapacity to apply), with address and telephone number, Application should contain Advocate’s enrolment number, date of enrolment, membership number of Advocates Welfare fund, date of membership, details of subscription paid, details of disease and details of expenses incurred.
  • → The name of all the applicants along with Enrolment Number of the Advocate in respect of whose ailment the application is made, shall be displayed on the website of the Bar Council of Delhi.
  • → A member may be allowed the grant of assistance from the Fund :
  • → The grant shall be allowed by the Trustee committee only upon the members of the Trustee committee being satisfied about the genuineness of the claims. To ascertain genuineness, the Trustee committee will take such steps as may be deemed fit, which will include verification of claim from the hospital/clinic concerned and/or referring the claim for second opinion to a Medical Board in appropriate cases and making such further enquiry as deemed fit.
  • → In all such cases where the Trustee Committee takes a view that the claim be referred to a Medical Board, the office of the Trustee committee will prepare a questionnaire indicating the specific points on which the opinion of the Medical Board will be required.
  • → The Medical Board will be constituted by the Trustee committee and shall comprise of a General Physician, an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Cardiologist. The Medical Board shall be entitled to consult any other specialist in the event the nature of an ailment would so require.
  • → The Trustee committee will give due regard to the opinion of the Medical Board, however, its final decision need not necessary be influenced by the opinion of the Medical Board.
  • → In all those cases where the Member Advocate is covered under a medical insurance policy, the amount sanctioned by the Insurance Company in settlement of the claim shall be adjusted against the grant, if any, which may be allowed by the Trustee Committee.
  • → In all such cases, where the applicant, spouse or dependent legal heir is eligible to claim complete reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred on the ailment or the treatment of the Member Advocate under any scheme or policy, eligibility to seek grant from the Trustee Committee shall stand ceased and the amount taken, if any, shall be restituted.
  • → All Applications must be accompanied by an Affidavit in which the Applicant shall depose as regards:-
  •    Copy of Bar Association Certificate;

       Copy of proof of being a Member of Advocates’ Welfare Fund;

       Prescription (s) of the relevant Doctor (s) along with medical history and diagnostic reports;

       Copies of the payments made in relation to the treatment along with Discharge Summary, if any;

       Copy of PAN Card;

       Copy of Income Tax Returns of last three assessment years;

       Statement of accounts of last six months;

       Copy of mediclaim policy, if any;

       Statement of accounts of last six months;

       Copy of any other insurance policy, if any;

       In cases of death, Death Certificate; and

       Colour passport photograph of the Applicant and in case, the applicant is a spouse or a dependent legal heir, the colour passport photograph of the concerned advocate, in addition to that those of Applicant.