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Welcome to Bar Council Of Delhi

The various committees under the aegis of The Bar Council of Delhi are:

1. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall be the Executive Authority of the Council and shall be responsible for giving effect to the resolutions of the Council. It shall have the power:-

  • To propose investment of the funds of the Council
  • To prescribe books of account, registers and files for the proper management of the affairs of the Council.
  • To supervise the work of the members of the staff and propose their conditions of service
  • Consider the Secretary’s Annual Report and place it before the Council with its comments thereon.
  • Consider the annual budget prepared by the Hony. Treasurer for being place before the Council.
  • To provide for proper annual inspection of the office and its registers.
  • To authorize the Secretary to incur expenditure within prescribed limits.
  • And to do all other things necessary for discharging the aforesaid functions.


  • A Disciplinary Committee under the provisions of the Advocates Act shall be constituted by the Council and its term shall be two and a half years or till a successor committee is constituted whichever is later.
  • The co-option under section 9(i) of the Act shall be done by the Council by election.
  • The procedure prescribed for the election of Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Treasurer or members of other Committees shall as far as possible be followed for co-opting such members.
  • The senior most among the members shall be its Chairman
  • The Disciplinary Committee can hold its meetings at New Delhi or at such other places as the Committee may decide, for speedy disposal of cases.

3. ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE: The duties of the Enrollment Committee shall be:

  • To scrutinize enrollment papers filed by candidates and if they are found in order, to recommend their enrollment.
  • To scrutinize and advice the Bar Council regarding any dispute relating to the order of seniority in the State Roll.
  • To advice the secretary in the preparing and maintenance of the roll.
  • The Enrollment Committee shall have power to exempt the requirement of one month notice in exceptional cases.

4. RULES COMMITTEE: Functions of the Rule Committee are :

  • To formulate rules for the conduct of business of the Bar Council.
  • To frame rules as may be required.
  • To study, consider and recommend matters referred to the Council, by the Parliament, Legislative Assembly and other bodies, regarding any bills or rules and report to the Council.
  • To perform any other functions required by the Council from time to time.

5. The other committees are: