High Court of Delhi

Delhi's Highest Judicial court

The High Court of Delhi is the second highest judicial appeal body after The Supreme Court of India. The hierarchy of the officers of High Court of Delhi, in ascending order, is: Administrative Officer (Judl.)/Court Master, Assistant Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Joint Registrar, Registrar, Registrar-General.


The High Court of Delhi was established on 31st October, 1966. In view of the importance of Delhi, its population and other considerations, Parliament thought it necessary to establish a new High Court of Delhi. This was achieved by enacting the Delhi High Court Act, 1966 on 5th September, 1966. The High Court of Delhi was established with four Judges. They were Chief Justice K.S.Hegde, Justice I.D.Dua, Justice H.R.Khanna and Justice S.K.Kapur. The sanctioned strength of Judges of this High Court increased from time to time. Presently, the sanctioned strength of Judges of the High Court of Delhi is 29 permanent Judges and 19 Additional Judges.



Financial Support to advocates during Covid-19 Lockdown

In such an unprecedented crisis being faced by the Advocates in Delhi/NCR, it is resolved that the Indigent and Disabled Committee of Bar Council of Delhi, is authorised to consider applications for grant of financial assistance, in genuine and bonafide cases of advocates, to the extent of Rs. 5,000 per Advocate.