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Delhi bar council elects Rakesh Tiku chairman ….. (Legally India)0

Posted on January 12th, 2012 in News & Events

Friday, 24 September 2010

Rakesh Tiku has been elected chairman of the Delhi bar council, winning all 14 votes cast today against opponent Rakesh Goswami in a fresh election held today after the post was left vacant for over two months following the demise of former chairman K K Sareen.

Tiku was elected to the bar council membership for a five-year tenure in December 2009 after which he had also contested the chairmanship against the late Sareen in the February election. Tiku had then lost to Sareen by a close margin.

Today’s election witnessed a last-minute withdrawal of his opponent Goswami in which only 14 out of 24 members turned out to vote.

Commenting on his top priorities, Tiku said: “There is a need to improve the image of lawyers in the society because it is a fact that individually we as lawyers may be respected but as a collective body we need to have our own mark and recognition. This is one area which needs to be taken care of.”

He added that he would like to generate funds under the bar council aegis to provide and raise the minimum earnings of fresh law graduates in practice.

“Second there is a growing dissatisfaction amongst the new entrants [to the profession], who have spent two, three years in the profession, different to those who are from connected families. I am concerned about those lawyers who have no sustenance power,” he noted.

“We can generate enough corpus for those who have two-three years of work experience through various methods like increasing the stamp fees on Vakalatnamas from Rs 10 to 50.”

He also added that the bar council should have a definite role that whenever there was any panel appointment for government undertakings and departments. “These should be regulated through the bar council. The bar council then depending on the requirement, bio data and criteria can really recommend – [which] they may or may not accept. But at least we can streamline, regulate and remove the nepotism.”

Tiku said that he along with two other members had also prepared and submitted a white paper expressing his views against the all India bar examination.

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