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Notice: Regarding Election Arrangements0

Posted on March 14th, 2018 in Circulars & Notices, News & Events


Date: 13/03/2018


  1. After review of the existing arrangements, it is decided that the Entry from Gate No. 5 and Exit from Gate No. 4 will remain available to the lawyer’s vehicles with stickers for dropping purpose on 14th March, 2018.
  2. In order to remove any confusion, it is hereby clarified once again that each Candidate can have two supporters with badges issued by the Election Committee stationed at Sher Shah Suri Road on the dates of polling i.e. 16th and 17th March, 2018. Lawyers with identity cards will be permitted to vote by passing through the barricades near Gate No. 6, leading to Gate No. 7 after screening. It is once again made clear that no canvassing will be permitted on 16th and 17th March, 2018 and no lawyer without badges 1s permitted to remain on the Sher Shah Suri Road.
  3.  It is once again notified that a voter will be entitled to give maximum of 25 preferences depending upon his/her choice and is required to mark their preference of vote within single inverted comma. To illustrate the way of marking of vote within single inverted comma, the instance is illustrate as, ‘1 ‘, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’ ‘5’ ‘6’ ‘7’ ‘8’ ‘9’ ’10’ ’11’ ’12’ ’13’ ’14’ ’15’ ’16’ ’17’ ’18’  ’19’ ’20’ ’21’ ’22’’23’ ’24’ ’25’   .
  4.  It is once again reiterated that no Mobile will be permitted inside the Polling Booth.