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Clarification regarding Vakalatnama by the advocates0

Posted on December 10th, 2018 in Circulars & Notices, News & Events

Clarification regarding Vakalatnama by the advocates

It is clarified that law firms are not competent and authorized to file
Vakalatnama before any Court, Tribunal, Authority, in Arbitration or any other proceedings, and if any such Vakalatnama is filed by a law firm, the same should not be entertained or accepted.

It is further clarified that every Vakalatnama has to be duly signed by an
Advocate, mentioning his/her name, along with enrolment number, and must be affixed with the welfare stamp of requisite value as being mandatory without which the Vakalatnama cannot be accepted.

ENROLMENT LISTfrom 04.12.2019 till 23.12.2019

Please find herewith List of Enrolments from 04.12.2019 till 23.12.2019

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